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What Urban Aspirations Does
Urban Aspirations networks to establish synergy between inner-city performing artists, Chicago urban residents and various,  civic organizations such as The Chicago Park District and Chicago City Colleges, by creating partnerships that provide urban artists with the support conducive to there needs, such as access to free rehearsal space, and new performance venues through out the inner city’ communities of Chicago, all while providing Chicago residents with some of the best free performances in their community. 

The purpose of Urban Aspirations’ is to allow unknown local performing artists an opportunity to generate a presence, increase their fan-base, and promote their genre in the various communities that make up the diverse parts of the City of Chicago through partnerships with various public and private organizations within the Chicago metropolitan area. Urban Aspirations is looking forward to partnering with Chicago’s four major municipal institutions such as the Chicago Public LibraryChicago Public SchoolsChicago City Colleges, and the Chicago Park District, in order to continue providing accessible, quality, and intelligent entertainment to Chicago’s artistically challenged inner-city communities.

Mission Statement

The mission of Urban Aspirations is:

To assist in facilitating the aspirations of Chicago’s inner-city performing artists that will allow them to create, evolve, and promote their art form within and beyond their immediate urban communities while entertaining inner-city audiences throughout Chicago.



Eavesdropping with Urban Aspirations is the home of the curious jazz enthusiast, playing an eclection (eclectic collection) of various jazz genres from Armstrong to Zawinul, or A to Z. Alternating Saturday's from noon until 2pm on WHPK 88.5 FM Chicago.

Eavesdrop streaming live on line at www.whpk.org

"There's no telling what you might overhear."



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