Junta Ensemble

Junta – (Spanish. Pronounced ‘Hunta’) – To meet; meeting, committee.

The Junta Ensemble has been together since 2003, but has been performing individually in Chicago for years in various genres of music, classical, gospel, jazz and R&B. What you will encounter is a meeting of individual taste to form an agreeable and pleasing blend as they put their collective spin on some jazz standards. The members of the group are as follows:

Mark Coulter – Director- Trumpet, Flugel Horn
Ronald Dennis – Percussions
Gerard Matthews – Alto Saxophone, Flute
Michael Price – Keyboards
Dean Thornton – Keyboards, Trombone

An interesting fact about the members of the ensemble is that all are Music Teachers in the Chicago Public school system. As music educators we know that it is our duty to instill the appreciation of the arts in our young people and promote the preservation of jazz as a true American art form. With this in mind, there is a segment in some of our performances where we invite a student in grades 3rd through the 12th grade who plays an instrument and know a jazz standard to come up and play a song with the ensemble.

Let us give thanks.
We would like to give honor to the creator for blessing us with the gift of music and allowing us to share it with you.

To our fans
If you know us and have supported us over the years, thank you. If this is your first encounter with the Junta Ensemble, thank you and we look forward to meeting with you again. Don’t be a stranger.

If you would like to hire the ensemble or be on our mailing list to check out some of our performances please contact:

Mark Coulter

You can also contact us at info@urbanaspirations.org

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