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We are a cultural ensemble with a passion for presenting art with a message. Our presentations are based in the cultures of Africa and America. We believe our art has a purpose, which is to provide a harmony among us all. The program is designed to build a foundation to assist the participants to become successful adults. UP teaches the participants the positive aspects of their cultural heritage, while simultaneously increasing self–esteem and motivation towards excellence in self development.

  1. Expose participants to cultural information regarding African and African-Americans that will provide a historical context in which to view themselves.
  2. Highlight the great contributions of our culture to the development of the human family.
  3. Plant the seed of unity, collective work and responsibility, creativity, and purpose.
  4. Increase the participants’ sense of identity, sense of history, and sense of struggle.
  5. Expose the participants to the concept of art as a cultural expression.
  6. Allow the participant to develop and deliver art through their chosen medium.
Expected Outcomes:
  1. Boost self esteem and self motivation to excel through the experience of performing in a public setting.
  2. Participant becomes familiar with some history that precedes them, exemplified by their ability to articulate what they have learned in a creative manner.
  3. To see the development of “village” thinking exemplified by collaborative efforts between different groups (i.e. school, community, church,) that result in service learning hours project and the development and production of a creative project i.e., play, skit, musical, that expresses this thinking.
  4. Know and understand the Nguzo Saba (seven principles) of our value system built upon our African and African American tradition Program Delivery Program can be designed to fit the needs of the service provider.

Program Delivery
Program can be designed to fit the needs of the service provider. The program is set up in a series of workshops that include the use of several multimedia. The program will culminate with a performance that will include the participants.
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