Young Natives

“Young Natives” is another Urban Aspirations production, a jam session featuring young up and coming jazz artists from grammar school to college seniors. U.A. launched its first two Young Natives Jam sessions in spring '08, first in April @ South Shore Cultural Center, hosted by world-renowned jazz vocalist, Ms. Dee Alexander, and then again in May featuring Chicago jazz legend; Pianist, Mr. Ken Chaney.

These sessions are coordinated by Mark Coulter, All City Music director for Chicago Public Schools Elementary Jazz Band, and Urban Aspirations Artistic Director.

Urban Aspirations "Young Natives” Live Jam Session for Students program objectives are to:

1.Expose youth to Jazz.

2. Develop and enhance youth’s ability to perform jazz standards and the art of Jazz improvisation.

3. Provide students with a venue to participate in live jam sessions and create an alternative social environment for young people looking for more intelligent; creative ways to network with their peers away from school.
In January ’09, Urban Aspirations relocated its Young Natives Student Jam Sessions to "Sikia Restaurant” the new upscale super club operated by the students and staff of Washburne Culinary Institute located on the grounds of the new Kennedy King College, 740 west 63rd street. Our opening session was hosted by none other than Chicago's own noted jazz trumpeter, Mr. Corey Wilkes, accompanied by the Gallery 37 jazz/class combo.

Young Natives ’09 has had the great fortune of featuring some of the most talented kids in Chicago, and again featuring guest artists such as Chicago notable; jazz trumpeter Corey Wilkes and long time friend of Young Natives; jazz pianist Ken Chaney as well as Merit School of Music Honors Jazz Band. We at Urban Aspirations look forward to continue bringing our audience more inspiring community entertainment as we forge ahead for our upcoming seasons.

As we grow, this page will not only be dedicated to Chicago's fine young musicians, but also topics that involve various endeavors regarding our city's youth, with photos, video's, blogs, community activities, announcements and more.

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